Trade It All For You 2: An Unselfish Kinda Love


Falling in love is so easy to do. Or at least it was for Yandi. Loving Liam wasn’t an option. With his hood flare and chivalrous ways he was the epitome of perfect in her eyes.
Every love story has it’s down sides though right? What is she to do when her ex won’t let go?
Rolle is on a mission to get his woman back. Nothing or no one will stand in his way. Not love, not her feelings, not even Liam. He’s prepare to get her back or die trying…
For Sky and German things have quickly taken a turn for the worse. When a secret is revealed in their marriage shits hits the fan. When the smoke clears will they still be left standing?

When It Cost To Be The Boss: German and Sky


For Sky, Ahmad Carter, was everything. He kept her laced in the lasted gear, driving the most stylish whip, and weighed down in cash. He could make her body sing a song like no other. Every girls dream, right? Wrong!
The phrase money doesn’t buy happiness served correctly, because when tragedy strikes, Sky is left feeling alone. That is until German makes his presence felt.

Loyalty On Lock: I Am My Brother’s Keeper


Meet Rian, son of the biggest drug dealer in Detroit. After being a stickup kid for years he moved to Miami and became in his own right a big name in the drug game along with his right hand man Raiden. Raiden and Rian decided it time to touch back down in Detroit to settle an old score but then Rian learned his baby brother is killed. Raegan Rian’s little sister is devastated when she learned the news of her brother death. She’s emotional and heartbroken but things change for her when she meets Korben and he immediately sweeps her off her feet. All the sibling want to do is find out who killed their baby brother but when they found out who it’s liable to destroys relationships and bonds… follow them on their search as they uncover secrets and their loyalty is tested. Will their loyalty stay on lock?