"Brittany Alexander (Renae )is a Hairstylist and mother of one who was Born and raised in Gastonia Nc. She’s an avid reader who has been reading since the age of 13. Getting the niche to write came from reading all her favorite authors and her publisher giving her that extra push. Renae has a creative mind, that she is excited about sharing with the world, through her writing. She hopes that you will get to know and love the characters, as she brings them to life in a way that only she can."

Author's books

The Cocaine Cartel 2


Raised in the game the Caine girls should be prepared for anything, but when life hits them hard from all directions, everything starts to spiral out of control.
Max is determined to make the city bleed until she gets the answers she needs. As her body count rises, so does her recklessness. There’s only one person that can calm her down and he’s no longer around.

Caught Up With A Street Legend



Being the products of a Cobaine-Diamond union, Nashir Jr.and Chancellor Jr. were destined to be crazy. All grown up and ready to leave the nest, CJ and NJ are off to North Carolina to go to college.
Forever her mother’s daughter, CJ has never and will never allow a man to play to her. After two bad experiences within weeks of each other, CJ is not worried about finding a new man but she may have met her match with Kato Garza.
Kato Garza was the man before prison and six years later nothing has changed. Staking claim to his empire and making sure his brothers are straight are Kato’s only focus until Chancellor Jr. strolls into her life.

The Cali Boss I Fell For: Reloaded


The past is not a good place to live. This is what KJ and Sarai are both faced with after their world’s came tumbling down at the end of The Cali Boss I Fell For. The hand that life has dealt them as been cruel but they cannot dwell on it forever.
Finding comfort in Brandon, KJ can finally let her relationship with Nazi go and move on with her life. This is easier said than done but KJ knows it’s the right move for her and the ones closest to her.

Rise of An Empire 2: A 718 Come Up


In this highly anticipated finale, emotions are high and bullets have flown. Jeremiah and Jessie have barely gotten together, and have already found themselves in a situation they may not escape from. Deuce is back and he wants revenge. Braliegh has been snatched but by who, and Quentin finds himself locked up for a crime he didn’t commit. Will every one be able to navigate their way out of these sticky situations or the empire fall.

The Cocaine Cartel


Sugar, spice and everything nice is what girls are supposed to be made of. The Caine girls on the other hand are made of boss moves, kill shots and whippin’ work in a hot pot.
Following in their fathers’ footsteps the Caine girls are fulfilling their legacy better than anyone could’ve imagined. Each with their own speciality, Logik, Maddix, Paxton and Stori are a force to be reckoned with! Together along with the men in their lives, the Caine women have the streets on lock.
As the old saying goes with more money comes more problems. Snakes are lurking watching and waiting to take the Cartel down. As problems start hitting the Cocaine Cartel from every angle the crew struggles to stay above water and in the end someone may pay the ultimate price.

Street Love : Still Caught Up With My Street Legend


Never lacking in drama, the Kobaine kids are back and still very much in love.
After being together for 5 years, CJ is pregnant and miserable. Kato is willing to do any and everything to keep her comfortable. The only challenge he faces is out doing all the stuff he has done in the past, and that’s almost impossible.
Kato has something up his sleeve for CJ but what will it be?
The new edition to NJ and Yaya’s family should be a happy time. NJ’s career keeps him away from his family for weeks at a time and that always leads Yaya’s mind to wander. Yaya’s issues will cause her to push NJ away but what will happen when she pushes him too far?
Will NJ be able to make it past Yaya’s mind and prove to her that their love is still strong as ever?
Valentine’s Day is always a special time and this year will be no different!

Daja and Mav: Still Addicted To Him


Throughout the years Daja has gone through the ups and downs of mourning the love of her life, Daniel. Even after Maverick steps in to show her that he is a great man not only to her but also her son and their daughter, Daja is not ready to let Daniels memory go.

Trap Queens: Queen Of Diamonds


Meet the Diamond sisters. Three queens of the south. They’re the daughters of the biggest kingpin in Dallas Texas , but theres more than that, that meets the eye.
Chance the youngest of three. Is the fiery, say what’s on her mind, can’t be tamed by no one, baby sister. Chance is definitely one of a kind and has no time for men or women that can’t handle her but she meets her match in Nash.

The Cali Boss I Fell For


Meet Nazi, Tycen and Rumi three friends from three different walks of life who come together on one mission, to chase the bag.

Nazi Kobaine A young rich Cali boss who is not only the connect but he wants to add a club owner to his resume. Nazi moves around California with out a care in the world for anybody, until he meets Kane Grey. As fate would have it she just can’t seem to stay away from Nazi even when she tries. Will finally giving him a chance be the right thing to do.

Loyalty On Lock: I Am My Brother’s Keeper


Meet Rian, son of the biggest drug dealer in Detroit. After being a stickup kid for years he moved to Miami and became in his own right a big name in the drug game along with his right hand man Raiden. Raiden and Rian decided it time to touch back down in Detroit to settle an old score but then Rian learned his baby brother is killed. Raegan Rian’s little sister is devastated when she learned the news of her brother death. She’s emotional and heartbroken but things change for her when she meets Korben and he immediately sweeps her off her feet. All the sibling want to do is find out who killed their baby brother but when they found out who it’s liable to destroys relationships and bonds… follow them on their search as they uncover secrets and their loyalty is tested. Will their loyalty stay on lock?

Addicted to the Hustle: A Carolina Love Thing


Logan Mills hasn’t always had it easy, and is just simply trying to get through life. With an absentee mother and alcoholic father Logan has the weight of the world on her shoulders. All Logan can really count on are her crazy ass friends Margo, April and her secret crush Ameer Sanchez to keep her sane.