Saved By A Hitta’s Love 2


Tasha’s pregnant?
Flower’s mom has shown up at Ms. Tina’s door?
Ameera has received a letter from the man who tore her life apart.
Things were a little crazy at the end of part one. Will Saint accept Tasha’s pregnancy with open arms or since he seems to be over the relationship will he run the other way? He seems to have his eye on Ameera more than Corey does, will he take the leap and tell her how he really feels or will he become a family man and get back with Tasha.
Flower has expressed that she doesn’t want to ever go back with her mother, so showing up at the house to see her standing at Ms. Tina’s door with her boyfriend not even ten feet away will her life become a black hole that it once was or will Juwan help keep her head above water.
A few months shy of her eighteenth birthday Ameera is faced with a past that she doesn’t want to ever visit again, coupled with coming fresh off an attack at a party will receiving this letter hurt her progress she’s made after all these years?