Too Hood For You


The handsome and complicated man known in the streets as Horatio “Heavy” Wright has always be a calculated thinker. It was required in order to survive in his world. Raised to be man that handled business at all times, Heavy is the type to always take care of his responsibilities, no matter how unplanned they are. The only question is can he split himself and his time equally so that no one thing or person gets neglected? Will he be able to juggle the new responsibilities that life is throwing his way without shorting those that matter the most in his world?

He’s So Hood


After finding himself in a sticky situation, Kahlil was forced to move away; and now that he’s back, he has a lot to prove. Love is the furthest thing on his mind until he inserts himself in a domestic altercation between Yessica and her abusive boyfriend. Something about the dark-skinned beauty drew her to him and made him want to be everything she needed, but does he have the patience to deal with someone with that type of baggage while struggling to carry his own.