It’s Dangerous Loving A Real One 2


Don and Milani have put all reservations aside to explore the chemistry between them. Just when Don becomes comfortable with his feelings he’s forced in an unthinkable dilemma. Vanessa makes her return he’s forced to decide between the love he knew and the love brewing between him and Milani. With Kacia growing impatient making a decision won’t be an easy task.

Something About His Southern Hood Love


Ranae has one thing on her mind…finish school and make a name for herself. Trying to secure her bag and keep her head on straight, she isn’t ready when Mack walks into her life and refuses to leave. Even though she tells him she doesn’t have time for him, she knows that he is just too tempting to stay away from. He is everything that she needs to avoid but his chocolate skin, long dreads, and smooth may be too much for her to resist. Will Ranae be able to keep her head on straight or will Mack make himself comfortable in her life?