"Kaylyn Kiara was born and raised in Virginia Beach, VA and is the youngest of three girls. Her mother described her as a creative child with a wild and vivid imagination which now pays off in her writing. She graduated from THE Norfolk State University with a degree in Health Services Administration. She is the proud mother of a charismatic toddler. Kaylyn Kiara has always had a special place in her heart for reading but after reading Omar Tyree’s “Fly Girl” she became interested in writing. She began writing her own fictional stories in 8th grade which unbeknownst to her paved the way for her to sign with Supreme Works Publications years later. Kaylyn Kiara continued to write as a hobby throughout high school and college. She never shared her gift with those around her never believing that she could become a published author. However with the love and support of a few friends and her fiancé she decided to step out on faith and submitted a sample to her debut series Carter and Bria: Love and Loyalty to Supreme Works Publications."

Author's books

Trap & A Dream: The Streets Raised A King


Allergic to average …
Addicted to success …
Kasine Graham suffers from ambition and even bigger dreams. Surviving a chaotic childhood, Kasine is set in his ways and after breaking up with Layne he has no time for love or relationships. Hustler by nature the only thing missing is the opportunity to turn his dreams into reality.

It’s Dangerous Loving A Real One 2


Don and Milani have put all reservations aside to explore the chemistry between them. Just when Don becomes comfortable with his feelings he’s forced in an unthinkable dilemma. Vanessa makes her return he’s forced to decide between the love he knew and the love brewing between him and Milani. With Kacia growing impatient making a decision won’t be an easy task.

It’s Dangerous Loving A Real One


Desmond Hebron successfully made it way out of the hood to becoming a millionaire. Determined to give his family everything he never had he accepts a job offer from an old friend unleashing a world wind of secrets affecting everyone around him. When trouble ensues putting everyone Desmond loves in danger he enlists the help of Adonis and his team to keep them safe

Taming A Hustler’s Heart 2


Hassan and Zaria find themselves caught in crossfire with Trae but that’s not the only issue they have brewing. Cattina makes true on her promise to return flipping their lives upside down at the most inconvenient time. When Zaria’s secret is revealed will Hassan stand by her side or take Catina’s word over his?

Caught Up Loving A Hood Legend


Betrayed by the people closest to him, Quron Mackey learned the hard way the true meaning of love and loyalty. Fresh out after doing a five year bid, he has a new opportunity to change his life and make a lot of money while doing it. With business falling in place Quron has no worries that is until he runs into his first love, Amari.

Confessions From The Cartel 2


With disaster striking too close to home Nelson is determined to find it who’s after him and his family all the while the enemy is standing right beside him. Lamar is one step closer to having full control over the empire threatening to expose everybody’s secret who tries to stand in his way.

Gettin’ To The Money 2: Love Can Wait


Jaton found out that King is really his son and now he’s been kidnapped! Will they get to him in time to save him or will he die at the hands of his kidnappers?

Xavion finds himself sitting in the police precinct trying to figure out how he got there. That’s not the only dilemma Xavion is facing, stuck between his feelings for both Peyton and Dream he has a lot to think about until secrets unravel making his decision that much easier.

Trap Royalty 2


With the weight of the world on his shoulders Josiah is struggling to stay afloat. When the one person he least expected shows up on his door step he’s forced to face the music and clean up his act. While Josiah has been battling his demons Jahaud has been struggling with one of his own. Taelyn makes a discovery that forces her to question if Jahaud is still the same man she fell in love with. Will he be able to convince Taelyn the relationship they’ve built is solid?

Taming A Hustler’s Heart


Layla Grishaw has never had anything handed to her in life unless you count bullshit, disappointment, and heartache. Coming up in foster care she was forced to grow up fast and get it by any means necessary. She’s made a successful living robbing powerful men that is until she meets one who changes her life- she’s just not sure if it’s for better or worse. Will falling under the spell of Ezekiel James be a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare?

Hooked On A Dope Boy’s Love 3

With Priest on the warpath, Ryan, Romelo, and Khalif must come together to take him down all while trying to put their family differences to the side.

As Zanae is preparing for graduation, a new baby, and still trying to find a way to make her dream a reality, family secrets are unraveling making the weight she’s carrying that much heavier. Ryan is by her side every step of the way but has his own demons to uncover. Will they remain united or allow the stress of their individual problems to tear them apart?
Just when things are looking up for Khalif and Lera, Tanasia returns with more baggage than he anticipated. With so much on his plate will he make room for Lera or will their newfound romance fizzle out?

Hooked On A Dope Boys Love


Ryan and Romelo Massey have the cocaine business on lock. Sexy, established, and worth millions both of them can have any woman they want. While Ryan’s is calculated and introverted Romelo is the wild child, enjoying life without a care in the world that is until a past business associate resurfaces with an opportunity that may be too good to be true.

Crown The King: A Jarrett Boys Valentine’s Day Special


They say the first year of marriage is the hardest but even the second feels like a war zone for Cameron and Ryah. Trying to balance Cam’s new career on top of being newlywed’s and adding another child to the mix is a struggle is no easy task. Often feeling alone and overwhelmed Ryah begins to question if work is really keeping Cam busy or is it someone else. Will their love be strong enough to withstand the ups and down of their journey?

Caught Up Loving A Hood Legend 3


Coming face to face with the decisions of her past she never imagined living life without Dominique and refuses to give up on the love they’ve built. While Emory is sure it’s Dom she wants, he’s still trying to separate fact and fiction but will that work out in her favor?

Crazy In Love With A Savage


“I am my brother’s keeper” aren’t just words to Ameer and Shaqir Wilson but a lifestyle to live by. Business men by day and hustler’s by night they’ve created their own lane and have money pouring in by the boat load. Still there’s no amount of money that could erase the the pain and grief they’ve endured.

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