When Loved By A Thug


Charmaine Ebins has the potential to make any man fall in love with her because she isn’t like the average female. Charmaine has a smart mouth and an independent mindset, but things switch up for when she takes on a job as a stripper. Men come by the dozen to watch her slide up and down the pole. The money is good for her, but it’s not good enough. Following the passing of her mother, Charmaine struggles to maintain paying her bills along with her mother’s medical expenses.

Saved By A Hitta’s Love 3


It’s four years later and its seems like things are spiraling out of control
The death of Ms. Tina brings Ameera and Flower back to the one place they planned to never spend time again and being there seems to have brought up old feelings they have tired to put away.
How will Ameera cope with seeing Saint after all this time, being newly engaged as well as finding out the man she knew to be her father isn’t?