Caught Up In Your Love


For as long as Janiyah could remember journalism was what she wanted to do with her life and following that passion brought her to one of the best schools the state had to offer… but due to unfortunate and unforeseen circumstances she was forced to return home. Luckily for Janiyah that was when her passion for hair was ignited and despite making a social media presence worth noting she found herself chasing a license that landed her right in the salon of her nemesis.

Hood Witches Need Love Too


Crazy, Ratchet with a twist of magic!

The Hood sister’s are back and crazier than ever. Shya’s powers have taken a mind of their own and they seem to magnify when her mood changes. Not being able to control her powers has Shya in a frenzy but Shiloh is right there by her side. The storm that’s brewing around them places both of them in the center of madness. Will Shiloh be able to save them or will Shya be their downfall?