Caught Up With A Street Legend



Being the products of a Cobaine-Diamond union, Nashir Jr.and Chancellor Jr. were destined to be crazy. All grown up and ready to leave the nest, CJ and NJ are off to North Carolina to go to college.
Forever her mother’s daughter, CJ has never and will never allow a man to play to her. After two bad experiences within weeks of each other, CJ is not worried about finding a new man but she may have met her match with Kato Garza.
Kato Garza was the man before prison and six years later nothing has changed. Staking claim to his empire and making sure his brothers are straight are Kato’s only focus until Chancellor Jr. strolls into her life.

Vexed: The Streets Never Loved Me


Vexed, guarded, and full of hate, in a world filled with lies, deceit and drama!!!

Vexler “Vex” Streets was raised to be loyal before anything else, but he soon finds out that not everyone is cut from the same cloth. After losing everything and everyone that was important to him, Vex is back on the streets and ready to live the life he’s always wanted. With a cold heart and revenge on his mind will he be able to push through the past or will he get sucked back into the same hole he just crawled out of.