Plan B & Hennessy


Life in the hood is simply what you make it. Some people work their way to the top, while others will sit around and wait on a handout. Tiffany would fit the latter description…
While beautiful on the outside with a banging natural body, her soul is tarnished. Not to mention the fact that she slick has a drinking problem…
Click saw all of this from the gate! The nice shape standing out the most, but he was not unaware of her issues. Being a decent guy from the streets, he tries to see past the ratchet side of Tiffany so that he can expose her to not only a better way of thinking, but put her in position to change her situation.

All We Got Is Trust 2


Sedacca, Judea and Janira are completely in shock after finding out that they could possibly all be siblings because Mama K’s husband Linx was messing with all of their mothers.
Janira is taking it extra hard because she has just found out that she is pregnant with Judea’s baby. Judea refuses to believe it because of Mama K’s evil ways and is determined to prove that it’s a lie.
Sedacca is ecstatic that he and Ju are really the brothers that he wanted them to be but at the same time their relationship is starting to fall apart a little.

A Hitta’s Love 2: Wise And Nylah’s Story


Wise was doing everything that he could to find Nylah. Trying to figure out who would want to kidnap her and why. Being that he didn’t know much about her, and didn’t know of any issues that she was having other than with her Ex Vincent, that’s who he assumed did it. Between trying to find Nylah, being a full-time parent making sure that Yokima was taken care of, and running his businesses, Legal and illegal. He was feeling emotions that he’d never felt and wasn’t sure where to turn to get the answers he needed.

Holding A Thug’s Heart Captive 2


Now that Faheem and Janaya has been reunited, things just aren’t how Faheem expected them to be. He didn’t expect Janaya to come back engaged with a Fiancé. He thought it would finally get to be him and her. Although Pierre let her leave the city without him, he’s still not letting her go out of her life. With the woman showing up Janaya’s door. He may not have a choice.