Law & Love: A Hood Love Story


Best friends since childhood, Law and Love never expected for anything sexual to happen between them. As his best friend, Love never wanted Law and his brother Sin to be involved in the streets. Coming from a hard life, she worked hard in college to get away from the streets.

Everything Her Heart Needed


What do you do when love doesn’t love you anymore? What happens when the man you gave your life to turns his back on you?
When Paige’s life takes an unexpected turn all in one day, she is faced with mixed emotions. Unsure of how to go forward, she falls into the arms of a man that she never would have looked twice at.

Holding A Thug’s Heart Captive 3


Things didn’t go as planned in part 2 and Pierre caught Janaya slipping hard.. Now Faheem is ready to cause hell. Pierre caused him to lose something so special to him that he didn’t even get a chance to enjoy it and it has him seeing red and ready to cause damage. Will he finally get to Pierre before Pierre gets to him?

Key To The Heart Of A Boss


Two wrongs may not make it right but it sure feels good. Wai and Lorren have been together for six years and their relationship has never been ideal. Lorren cheats on Wai, she loves him so she stays and to cope with his infidelity she has an affair of her own. When Lorren finds out about Wai’s extracurricular activities will he be able to handle it or will his own secrets trump any feeling he may have towards the matter?