Trap & A Dream: The Streets Raised A King


Allergic to average …
Addicted to success …
Kasine Graham suffers from ambition and even bigger dreams. Surviving a chaotic childhood, Kasine is set in his ways and after breaking up with Layne he has no time for love or relationships. Hustler by nature the only thing missing is the opportunity to turn his dreams into reality.

Babygirl Got Me Losing My Composure


Devyn is living the life she’s always wanted, making music she loves and being every little girls role model… until she not only finds herself with a crazed fan on her tail but falling into the arms of the rugged and older, Phoenix who is a hood legacy with a demanding personality and award winning grin. With Phoenix comes his street life and for Devyn who is constantly living in the spotlight, the very man she finds herself drawn to could be the very thing that ruins her career.

The Chaos I Crave, The Sanity I Need


Lanese Daniels and Kenny Taylor, better known as Chaos does the back and forth like no other. It wasn’t until Lanese takes a look at Derrick, that Chaos decides that maybe he should get it together. Lanese being a good girl and Chaos being a street deviant, things get wild before the calm. Will Chaos get it together before it’s too late? Will Derrick win Lanese’s heart? Is Derrick just as bad as Chaos?
Lanese, alongside crazy Nola, and cut throat Orin make up a trio of friends that handle love and lust different. One thing they will agree on, blood couldn’t make them closer. When one is in trouble, they will get all three. One fall, they all fall, and make sure it makes sure it’s cleaned up.

I Pledge Allegiance To The Trap 3: Stormi & Sneaux


Nevadi, Schyleur and Amihere are figuring out how to live outside of the trap. With Nevadi looking for an outside distraction and Schyleur dating for the first time ever, they’re both attempting to figure out who they are and what they want while Amihere has it all figured out. Amihere knows he wants to spemd his life with Zoie. However, the time he spent in the Vatos wont stop chasing him & he finds himself forced to deal with his past head on.

A Love Turned Savage


Tuesday and Polo have been in an on again off again relationship for the last six years, now that they have finally decided to put their pride to the side and stay in it for the long haul something that neither one of them saw coming gets in the way and tries to destroys what they’ve been trying to build.