Addicted: Street Love Is Everything


Sanaa’s life drastically changed after she found her mother, Yonnie’s lifeless body. With her mother gone, it’s her responsibility to step in and run Glitz. Taking over brought along even more responsibilities and problems she didn’t need into her life. She’s been fine not being in a relationship to save herself the heartache. When Soul makes his grand appearance into her world every thought she’s ever had changes.

Trap 4 Lyfe: Down To Ride For A Pittsburgh Menace


Angela and Vega St. Clair are accomplished sisters who wanted to bring in 2018 with a bang. That is exactly what happens. Angela gets into a car accident and has a sexual encounter that changes her perspective on men. She is done with casual sex and wants a real relationship. Vega gets a surprising call from her ex-boyfriend and visit from his fiancée. She loads up her gun ready for target practice. The sisters are vowing that this year will be better than the last in love and business. They will find more than they bargained for when Diego and Reno are introduced to their lives unexpectedly.

Angel And Heaven 2: A True Love Story


No one said that love was going to be easy.
Hearts gets broken.
Lies are told.
Trust is lost.
Heaven made a decision led by hurt and pain. That decision just may be the end of her heart and sanity. She allows her emotions toward Angel to cloud her judgement on how she truly feels about him. She thought she was done deciding on how her life would go but she had no idea of the decisions she will be forced to make. One major one being the choice between Angel and Brandon.

I Want You To Love Me


Love is like a drug. The simple thought of it alone makes you want it, but to actually feel it rushing through your veins and delivering the giddy haze in your mind, you crave it. At that point it’s like forget the side effects, you’re more so worried about how high you can get. It becomes your only desire.