I Got Love For A Carolina Hustla 3


In this last installment of I Got Love For A Carolina Hustla, the Sharp brothers are hit with a ton of family secrets that threaten to tear them down along with everything they’ve built including their relationships with Ocean and River. Times like this you would think that a family would come together but Cherice has an agenda of her own.

Still Trappin’ 4 Lyfe: Down To Ride For An ATL Menace


After her pregnancy test comes back positive, Natasha wonders how she’s going to take care of a baby alone, after her baby’s father has been killed. Hiding her pregnancy from her family for as long as she can, she realizes they’re her only support until someone else steps up to the plate. Chris and his long-term girlfriend, Mia, are dealing with the loss of their first child. When Mia refuses to let Chris in and allow him to help her through the pain, their relationship becomes strained. Chris, knowing Natasha is pregnant, offers to be there for her as a friend through her pregnancy, but what happens when feelings run deeper?

A Billionaire Finessed My Heart 2


At the end of part one, secrets were discovered but gunfire halted any truths from coming to light.Devastated that Juelz married his long lost fiance, Ciera has to make a hard decision for herself and her unborn child. Will she be able to get through her pregnancy drama free or will she be forced to return and face Juelz?

A Hood Love Like No Other


Laurence Marks was determined to be more than the life that was forced on her after her father was gunned down in front of her on her fourteenth birthday. With a mother that sought solace in a liquor bottle, Lala had to not only take care of herself but her mother to. When things get tough and the walls begin to close around her there is one person that she knows that she can turn to, her best friend Heart.