His Love Is Deep


What do you do when your world shatters in an instant?
Dr. Iman Baily planned to marry the love of her life and live her happily ever after, but that changed with just one text message.
Forced to move on and live her life, Iman throws caution to the wind and engages in a one-night stand with a sexy stranger. One night of fun and passion is all Iman is looking for, but it may end up being so much more.
A couple of Years later, the universe will bring these two strangers back into each other’s lives. Secrets will be exposed, and tempers will flare. Just when Iman thinks all hope is lost, she will find out that this stranger’s Love is so Deep, but will it be too late?

Hood Witches Need Love Too


Crazy, Ratchet with a twist of magic!

The Hood sister’s are back and crazier than ever. Shya’s powers have taken a mind of their own and they seem to magnify when her mood changes. Not being able to control her powers has Shya in a frenzy but Shiloh is right there by her side. The storm that’s brewing around them places both of them in the center of madness. Will Shiloh be able to save them or will Shya be their downfall?