I Pledge Allegiance To The Trap 3: Stormi & Sneaux


Nevadi, Schyleur and Amihere are figuring out how to live outside of the trap. With Nevadi looking for an outside distraction and Schyleur dating for the first time ever, they’re both attempting to figure out who they are and what they want while Amihere has it all figured out. Amihere knows he wants to spemd his life with Zoie. However, the time he spent in the Vatos wont stop chasing him & he finds himself forced to deal with his past head on.

Something About the Hood In Her


Sometimes LUST can get you into things that LOVE can’t get you out of.

Vinny’s love for Cami is unlike anything that he has ever felt before but in his heart, he knows that he’s not ready to give in to the fairytale life that she dreams of. The luxuries of being at the head of the Maler Empire affords him a plethora of “opportunities” that interfere with what he’s trying to build with her. Cami knows her worth, so the fact that she allows Vinny to do what he does shows just how much she loves him but that’s proving not to be enough anymore. In his mind, he’s young and has time but what he doesn’t know is that Cami is at her breaking point and when Skylar steps on the scene, his time may really be up.