This Drug Called Thug Love


On the outside looking in Naivi and RahLique appear to have a picture perfect marriage. Two kids, RahLique is the most sought after DJ in the Midwest and Naivi is the perfect mother and wife.
Looks can be deceiving. Behind closed doors the happy couple faces an unending battle with an addiction that RahLique refuses to get a control on. The latest revelation of his addiction might just send Naivi to her final breaking point.
When the ones closest to them prove to be the catalyst to the dysfunction Naivi and Rah call a relationship, things quickly escalate. Will they be able to work through their issues or is it time to let their relationship go?

This Drug Called Thug Love might just be too much in the end.

Aeo And Lilah 2: An Urban Love Story


After enduring the betrayal of her sister, Lilah isn’t sure who to trust moving forward. The crazy shooting at the club, thanks to Maceo, doesn’t make that trust any easier to distribute. But Aeo, like always gives her a reason to believe that the glass is half full and not half empty.