"Jaii Lynn is a 27 year old from Kansas City, Missouri Jaii is a mother of 1 and holds an occupation as Manager of Foot Locker as well as New Author. Jaii started as an avid reader at the age of 13 and turned her passion for reading into writing recently. Writing has always been a passion of hers that she recently decided to craft and perfect. Almost two years ago Jaii Lynn debuted her first published work under Supreme Works Publications and has penned 16 novels to date."

Author's books

The Cocaine Cartel 2


Raised in the game the Caine girls should be prepared for anything, but when life hits them hard from all directions, everything starts to spiral out of control.
Max is determined to make the city bleed until she gets the answers she needs. As her body count rises, so does her recklessness. There’s only one person that can calm her down and he’s no longer around.

The Cali Boss I Fell For: Reloaded


The past is not a good place to live. This is what KJ and Sarai are both faced with after their world’s came tumbling down at the end of The Cali Boss I Fell For. The hand that life has dealt them as been cruel but they cannot dwell on it forever.
Finding comfort in Brandon, KJ can finally let her relationship with Nazi go and move on with her life. This is easier said than done but KJ knows it’s the right move for her and the ones closest to her.

Still Captivated by his Gangsta Ways: Tone & Cydnee’s Story


You met this couple in Captivated by His Gangsta Ways, and they stole your hearts. Now you get to peer into the life of Tone and Cyndee as they navigate life, love and everything in between.
Tone is all about stacking his money and supporting his team, he wasn’t looking for love. But when he meets Cyndee, his heart was captivated and now he lives to make her happy. That is until a few blasts from the past come in and threaten to upset their happy foundation. Will he be able to let his demons rest? Or will he succumb to the holds of his past?

The Cocaine Cartel


Sugar, spice and everything nice is what girls are supposed to be made of. The Caine girls on the other hand are made of boss moves, kill shots and whippin’ work in a hot pot.
Following in their fathers’ footsteps the Caine girls are fulfilling their legacy better than anyone could’ve imagined. Each with their own speciality, Logik, Maddix, Paxton and Stori are a force to be reckoned with! Together along with the men in their lives, the Caine women have the streets on lock.
As the old saying goes with more money comes more problems. Snakes are lurking watching and waiting to take the Cartel down. As problems start hitting the Cocaine Cartel from every angle the crew struggles to stay above water and in the end someone may pay the ultimate price.

Trap 4 Luv : Still Down To Ride


Balese Ortega has always been confident and a take charge kind of woman. That all changed when she was diagnosed with an illness that could take her life before she really had a chance to live it. Never one to give up, Balese vows to fight for her life, she only wishes that her boyfriend Micah was fighting with her and not against her.

Trap 4 Lyfe: Down To Ride For A Killa City Menace


Sometimes the one thing missing from your life is closer than you can ever imagine.

Jraik Ortega, has turned her love for dogs into the career of her dreams. Along with her cousin Balese, Jraik has opened her own doggie daycare and grooming salon. Business is booming and Jraik couldn’t be happier with her business life. Jraik’s personal life on the other hand is in shambles. Although she has been with her fiance, Knoxx for years, Jraik knows in her heart that she can not marry him. Besides the fact that Jraik has a feeling in her gut that Knoxx isn’t who he portrays himself to be, Jraik’s father will never give his blessing.

This Drug Called Thug Love


On the outside looking in Naivi and RahLique appear to have a picture perfect marriage. Two kids, RahLique is the most sought after DJ in the Midwest and Naivi is the perfect mother and wife.
Looks can be deceiving. Behind closed doors the happy couple faces an unending battle with an addiction that RahLique refuses to get a control on. The latest revelation of his addiction might just send Naivi to her final breaking point.
When the ones closest to them prove to be the catalyst to the dysfunction Naivi and Rah call a relationship, things quickly escalate. Will they be able to work through their issues or is it time to let their relationship go?

This Drug Called Thug Love might just be too much in the end.

Memoirs of Lovin’ a G


“Love is unpredictable, confusing, exciting, and yet so scary, You fall for someone totally unexpectedly, wondering if it will work, yet you’re so happy knowing you found it, but scared you might lose it, and not knowing if you could ever live without it again.” – Brandy Cade

A Savage Made Just For Me


Take a final ride with one-third of the Miahgo clan, Landon. Landon vowed to be a player for life, with his only concerns being money, cars, clothes and woman he was living his best life. The only problem Landon faced was letting his old demons lay to rest.

Hustler’s Mentality: Loving a Kansas City Boss


Ni’Oni better known as NiNi is just your average pretty girl from the hood. She goes to work and stays out the way. She may turn up here and there with her best friend Remy but nothing major. Priding herself on love and loyalty Ni’Oni has stayed committed to her boyfriend Zaquari for the last decade. Through all the cheating, disappearing acts and outside babies, NiNi’s loyalty kept her by Zaquari’s side even when it cost the life of the one person she loved more than herself.

My Savage Ain’t For Everybody


There’s no better way to describe the Miahgo Triplets than ‘three the hard way.’ If you see one, you see all three, whether it’s partying or handling business for the underworld.
Lessiin the first born of the triplets takes his role as the leader and protector of the trio. Although, his heart and demeanor are cold to the outside world, his family is his soft spot.

Captivated By His Gangsta Ways 2: Ziyla & Nohva’s Hood Fairytale


Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength while loving someone deeply gives you courage.
Ziyla quickly found out that everything that glitters isn’t gold. With her current love teaming up with her treacherous family, Ziyla still doesn’t know the root behind the deception.
While trying to be a good friend Cydnee has been kidnapped by a foe unknown trying to save Pooh, will she make it out alive or will she perish in the name of friendship?

Captivated By His Gangsta Ways: Ziyla & Nohva’s Hood Fairytale


Love is like a wild rose. Beautiful and calm but willing to draw blood in its defense.
What better way to describe the young, ambitious and above all lost Ziyla Lynn, better known as Pooh. As most young women grow up with goals as doctors, presidents or even lawyers, Pooh’s aspirations are the feeling of love and contentment. After her family reveals a shocking secret Pooh becomes detached and searches for that security in all the wrong relationships. Meeting the suave, confident and bold Nohva in her search for completeness, Pooh’s heart is put to the test. With vindictive family members lurking in the shadows ready for war will Pooh bloom into a beautiful rose and find that love she so longs for or will she just wither away.

The Cali Boss I Fell For


Meet Nazi, Tycen and Rumi three friends from three different walks of life who come together on one mission, to chase the bag.

Nazi Kobaine A young rich Cali boss who is not only the connect but he wants to add a club owner to his resume. Nazi moves around California with out a care in the world for anybody, until he meets Kane Grey. As fate would have it she just can’t seem to stay away from Nazi even when she tries. Will finally giving him a chance be the right thing to do.