Trade It All For You 2: An Unselfish Kinda Love


Falling in love is so easy to do. Or at least it was for Yandi. Loving Liam wasn’t an option. With his hood flare and chivalrous ways he was the epitome of perfect in her eyes.
Every love story has it’s down sides though right? What is she to do when her ex won’t let go?
Rolle is on a mission to get his woman back. Nothing or no one will stand in his way. Not love, not her feelings, not even Liam. He’s prepare to get her back or die trying…
For Sky and German things have quickly taken a turn for the worse. When a secret is revealed in their marriage shits hits the fan. When the smoke clears will they still be left standing?

Rise of An Empire 2: A 718 Come Up


In this highly anticipated finale, emotions are high and bullets have flown. Jeremiah and Jessie have barely gotten together, and have already found themselves in a situation they may not escape from. Deuce is back and he wants revenge. Braliegh has been snatched but by who, and Quentin finds himself locked up for a crime he didn’t commit. Will every one be able to navigate their way out of these sticky situations or the empire fall.

A Savage Made Just For Me


Take a final ride with one-third of the Miahgo clan, Landon. Landon vowed to be a player for life, with his only concerns being money, cars, clothes and woman he was living his best life. The only problem Landon faced was letting his old demons lay to rest.

U Got Me Trippin’ 2


It’s time to finally see who the twins Diah and Dior belong to…Will it be Daylen or Damari? Damari seems to be convinced that the twins where Daylen doesn’t care either way, on one hand he wants to get back with Makeda and on the other hand he wants Brandy who is now pregnant with his child. Then there’s that thing if he could ever forgive her for cheating on him with his brother.