Talayah & Yasir: An Urban Love Story


Talayah is the definition of a boss. At a young age, she developed a love for hair and eventually opened up her own shop, Black Girl Magic, focusing on making black women feel and look beautiful. She’s no nonsense when at work but finds herself settling for less than she deserves in her personal life.

Southern Queens : Dirty South Trap Stories


The Johnson sisters have come a long way from where they once were. With one being the vain yet leveled one, another reckless, and the other heartless, Nia, Demi, and CiCi are all survivors of a rough environment and they all have a story to tell. From sexual assault, to abuse, neglect, and hunger, there’s not much they can’t testify to. At a young age, the sisters learned to take care of themselves and fend for their lives in the streets. At the ripe age of seventeen, a girl is supposed to be thinking about prom, graduating, and going off to college to start her life. But not Demi, the oldest of the siblings.

He Scammed His Way To My Heart


Meet 20-year-old Corey Miller one of the biggest scammers in Miami. Growing up in foster care wasn’t easy, being bounce from house to house and feeling unwanted. Along with being abused, with no knowledge of who your parents are. Or even why you were placed in this situation to begin with. When Corey met Kendall at his work place, they became friends and hit it off right

Confessions From The Cartel 2


With disaster striking too close to home Nelson is determined to find it who’s after him and his family all the while the enemy is standing right beside him. Lamar is one step closer to having full control over the empire threatening to expose everybody’s secret who tries to stand in his way.

Thirst Trap 2: The Baller I Met Online


Zakir has some explaining to do. With Mianna back on the scene, his nearly perfect situation with Maliah is threatened. She’s too close for comfort and his girl isn’t happy. Nonchalant to her feelings, Zakir makes several decisions that sets them and their relationship back, before ultimately separating them all together.