Taming A Hustler’s Heart 2


Hassan and Zaria find themselves caught in crossfire with Trae but that’s not the only issue they have brewing. Cattina makes true on her promise to return flipping their lives upside down at the most inconvenient time. When Zaria’s secret is revealed will Hassan stand by her side or take Catina’s word over his?

Crushing On A Carolina Baller


After her mother dies in childbirth Lashay Murphy is raised by her grandmother and aunt who have made her feel like a burden her entire life. With the truth kept just out of her grasp Shay is taught to keep her head down and stay out of the way, leaving her defenseless and inexperienced. Being young and naïve has her tripping, tumbling, and falling mercilessly in love with a man unworthy of her heart. Deep down she knows she deserves better, but the grip he has on her makes it almost impossible for her to walk away.


Overdosed Off A Hood Boy’s Love


Growing up with an abusive father and absent mother, forced Lyrica to learn to survive. Her best friend, Arnez, provided some protection but when he leaves for college, Lyrica quickly realized she is on her own. When her living situation becomes too much to bare, she seeks an escape in more ways than one. Disconnected from everything and everyone she knows Lyrica turns to drugs to help her cope.