"Belleza’s world revolved around her career and raising her daughter to be the better version of herself. Realizing that she was pushing her child to go above and beyond and not herself, she decided to reunite with her first love, Writing. Since middle school she have been reading and writing stories, but never followed through with the idea of being an author. After sharing her work with close friends she decided to take that leap of faith and share her talent with the world."

Author's books

Gettin’ To The Money: Love Can Wait


Blood makes you related, loyalty makes you family.
The code that we lived by was to get money and love could wait…That was until four special women entered our lives….
Jaton was the youngest with a reckless mouth and trigger finger that was always itchin. He and Capri were good friends but also had that bond that no one could break. Jaton would do anything for Capri she was his weakness
Since he was young Raafi was taught the values of strength and family. Although he witnessed the devotion between his mother and father, The streets was his first Love and the rush it brought hardened his heart and gave him tunnel vision to making paper.

I Want You To Love Me


Love is like a drug. The simple thought of it alone makes you want it, but to actually feel it rushing through your veins and delivering the giddy haze in your mind, you crave it. At that point it’s like forget the side effects, you’re more so worried about how high you can get. It becomes your only desire.

All They Needed Was A Thug’s Love


The Bennett sisters are Mary & Joseph’s biggest blessings. They have done any and everything to make sure they had the best lives possible.

Amina is all that and knows it! She doesn’t take any mess from anyone and when she’s not running her business you’ll catch her playing momma to her three unruly younger sisters. She’s not looking for love and doesn’t want it either until she meets Jaquan.

King Of Philly: You’re The One I’m Lovin’


Being at the top means nothing if you don’t have that one to share it with. Nathan is realizing that running Philly with his cousin Cortez and running through women is getting old. Almost ready to clean up his money and expand his business ventures, he’s also yearning to get his Queen. The problem is he is torn between his old love, a new flame and a mystery woman catches his interest.

Keep Your Friends Close and Enemies Closer: Love, Lies & Loyalty


What’s worst, an enemy or friend that despises you?

Tiara, Porsha, and Renae are best friends that connected in high school. Back in the day they were as thick as thieves going to school, partying, and fighting whoever got in their way. Now that they are older and more mature they are living their lives in different ways while still holding onto their friendship and going through their own trials with love.

Following My Heart: Hassan & Cassidy That Good Hood Love


Cassidy grew up in a Christian home with her mother, stepfather and younger sister. On the outside she had the seemingly perfect life most people yearned for the simple fact that she was raised in a 2 parent household, but inside all she knew was secrets and pain. Before she got caught up into the whirlwind of deceit from her family life Mike came in and swept her off her feet and gave her everything she never had. Who would’ve thought a girl from the hood with no work experience and just a high school diploma could get a rich manto fall for her? Years later, with a 10 kt princess cut diamond on her ring finger Cassidy realized everything that glitters wasn’t gold. Everything came with a price and she was falling apart not only from the family secrets she held inside but now her abusive draining relationship. Giving her all into a man and clinging onto the street mantra Family First, she felt trapped to her situation because it was all she knew and without it she had nothing.

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