"Author D.Nika is a 37 year old urban fiction author. She is married with 2 beautiful kids, 2 wonderful step daughters and 4 grandkids. She was born and raised in Chicago, IL on the rough South side before relocating to Atlanta Ga. She is a Lupus warrior and a stay at home mom. Although she was diagnosed with an ugly autoimmune illness, she never let it stop her. She has been an avid reader since the age of 13. She has always wanted to try her hand in writing as it was always a passion of hers. Through much encouragement from her husband, she fought through the fear and became a published author under Supreme Works Publication. Her first book was released in October 2017. She looks forward to releasing more books for you to enjoy. Be on the lookout for the greatness that's coming your way."

Author's books

Gave My Heart To A Real One


Jerman was a happily-married man, living the life of his dreams. Until he wasn’t. When tragedy strikes and his wife leaves him, Jerman is forced to take a little time for himself — behind bars. When he emerges, life is very different for him. But he does what all bosses do. He kept his head up and one foot in front of the other, just to stay afloat legally. When he meets Modesti, all that changes and his focus is solely on her and becoming the better man for her. But will Modesto’s tunnel vision ruin the chance she has to have a great king by her side?

Still Loving A Gangsta Boss


Your favorite couples are back and definitely not without their share of drama. Valentine’s Day is definitely for the lovebirds but will all of them make it?

Ja’Laii and Traevion are still hot and heavy. Crazy in love, everything is going well until Ja’Laii suspects Traevion’s business manager of interfering in their marriage. Call it a woman’s intuition, but Ja’Laii isn’t letting up until she gets what she wants. Will Traevion sacrifice what he loves for who he loves? Or will Ja’Laii have no choice but to stick it out?

My Heart Beats For An Atlanta Boss


After surviving an abusive relationship, Nautica realizes she needs a fresh start where she can feel safe. Taking a leap of faith,she moves to Atlanta to be with her cousins, Amaris and Ahnais.
Ahnais is in a relationship with the love of her life Dravien, everything was going perfect for them until Ahnais finds out that Dravien betrayed her in the worse way. Can Dravien prove that his intentions were not to hurt Ahnais? Is there something deeper behind his secret?

When A Gangsta Loves You: A Chi-Town Kinda Love


Friends since the sandbox, Ja’Laii and LaMya both grew up suffering from abuse from the ones who were supposed to love and protect them. Traevion and Trahmir were raised by their uncle who showed them no love whatsoever.
The lack of love turned into a source of motivation as they soon took over the mid-west.
Ja’Laii and LaMya both are looking for a way out of life, will the Holden brothers be an escape or another source of pain? Is it too late to change how they look at life ? Find out what happens When A Gangsta Loves You

The Cali Boss I Fell For


Meet Nazi, Tycen and Rumi three friends from three different walks of life who come together on one mission, to chase the bag.

Nazi Kobaine A young rich Cali boss who is not only the connect but he wants to add a club owner to his resume. Nazi moves around California with out a care in the world for anybody, until he meets Kane Grey. As fate would have it she just can’t seem to stay away from Nazi even when she tries. Will finally giving him a chance be the right thing to do.