Damaged: Loving Him Through The Pain


Ambitious and Sophisticated, Olivia thought that she had it all. Perfect life and perfect boyfriend. Suddenly, things took a turn for the worst.
In a blink of an eye, her life didn’t seem so perfect when the love that she thought she had with her long-term boyfriend, Jason abruptly ended leaving her in a state of shock.

The Cali Boss I Fell For: Reloaded


The past is not a good place to live. This is what KJ and Sarai are both faced with after their world’s came tumbling down at the end of The Cali Boss I Fell For. The hand that life has dealt them as been cruel but they cannot dwell on it forever.
Finding comfort in Brandon, KJ can finally let her relationship with Nazi go and move on with her life. This is easier said than done but KJ knows it’s the right move for her and the ones closest to her.