Heart Snatched By A West Coast Goon 2


Still holding onto her secret, Ashley finds herself falling in love with Antonio much quicker than she expects. From meeting his Aunt to going above and beyond for her, Antonio continues to show Ashley that even goon’s need love. Things in his city get hectic, and he has a hard time juggling life and who he needs to be there for the most. An unpleasant surprise knocks him off his game, affecting his relationship with his loved ones.

She’ll Never Be Me 2


Letting go and moving on from an old flame just isn’t as simple as Connie Powell thought it would be. Left broken and bitter, she still tends to linger around Asia and Valentino’s seemingly picture-perfect marriage. Asia is guilt ridden but making an effort to be the bigger woman as she allows communications between her now husband Valentino and his ex-fiancé.

My Heart Beats For An Atlanta Boss


After surviving an abusive relationship, Nautica realizes she needs a fresh start where she can feel safe. Taking a leap of faith,she moves to Atlanta to be with her cousins, Amaris and Ahnais.
Ahnais is in a relationship with the love of her life Dravien, everything was going perfect for them until Ahnais finds out that Dravien betrayed her in the worse way. Can Dravien prove that his intentions were not to hurt Ahnais? Is there something deeper behind his secret?