My Ruthless Gangsta Loves Me Better


Dayshawn and Leigha got married straight out of school thinking their fairytale was just beginning. However, after bringing their daughter Mila into the world and settling into their new jobs, the calm of domesticated life soon becomes unbearably routine. Their relationship falls under stress and not all pressure makes diamonds.

Falling For A Hustler’s Charm: A Steel City Romance


Charm is defined as, the power or quality of giving delight or arousing admiration. Bash Malcom has all of that and so much more. Lois was swept off her feet by Bash when she wandered into his bar one night after an argument with her husband. She never imagined having feelings for any man other than Adonis. Lois finds herself caught up in a web of lies and deceit that has her questioning everyone in her life. What started out as harmless talk turns into a torrid affair that threatens both of their marriages in unimaginable ways.

When You Love A Thug 2


The Moore sisters are back with more drama than ever. Summer and Sunday finally find out the true intentions of Deshaun and Kelsey or at least they think so. The pressure of a pregnancy with a woman he can’t stand sends Kelsey running into the arms of the one woman that wants nothing to do with him. Sunday is dealing with the news of Kelsey’s deception along with finding out about Travis’s treacherous affair.