Gettin’ To The Money 2: Love Can Wait


Jaton found out that King is really his son and now he’s been kidnapped! Will they get to him in time to save him or will he die at the hands of his kidnappers?

Xavion finds himself sitting in the police precinct trying to figure out how he got there. That’s not the only dilemma Xavion is facing, stuck between his feelings for both Peyton and Dream he has a lot to think about until secrets unravel making his decision that much easier.

A Love Turned Savage 2


In part 1 of a love turned savage secrets were revealed leaving Tuesday and Polo’s relationship torn apart.

With Polo trying to balance fatherhood and working on getting his girl back it’s becoming a harder task then he ever imagined.

Eve is getting fed up with the fact that Polo won’t get over not being with Tuesday and be a family with her and their baby. Doing something drastic to keep her family together she doesn’t think of the consequences. Will she win her rightful place in Polo’s life or will she push him away forever?

No Hard Feelings But I Choose Me 2


Everyone’s secrets are out. Darren’s infidelity and sudden change of heart has rocked Joelle’s world.
Raven has finally come out to Darren about who she really is causing a domino effect that he didn’t see coming.
Darren found his self in a place that he’s never thought he would be because he always thought the grass was greener on the other side.

A Love Turned Savage


Tuesday and Polo have been in an on again off again relationship for the last six years, now that they have finally decided to put their pride to the side and stay in it for the long haul something that neither one of them saw coming gets in the way and tries to destroys what they’ve been trying to build.

Gettin’ To The Money: Love Can Wait


Blood makes you related, loyalty makes you family.
The code that we lived by was to get money and love could wait…That was until four special women entered our lives….
Jaton was the youngest with a reckless mouth and trigger finger that was always itchin. He and Capri were good friends but also had that bond that no one could break. Jaton would do anything for Capri she was his weakness
Since he was young Raafi was taught the values of strength and family. Although he witnessed the devotion between his mother and father, The streets was his first Love and the rush it brought hardened his heart and gave him tunnel vision to making paper.

We Gon’ Ride 2: Cobain & Keri


Ali found his self in a case of De Ja Vu when Cree gets taken by Dragon. Will he be able to save the woman who has captured his heart or will his fears from his past make him freeze up and lose the woman that he has fallen in love with

Cobain can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to Shyne. When she refuses to see Cobain move on, she takes matters into her own hands resulting in life altering decisions. Will Cobain have to choose sides between the mother of his child or his new found love with Keri?

All They Needed Was A Thug’s Love


The Bennett sisters are Mary & Joseph’s biggest blessings. They have done any and everything to make sure they had the best lives possible.

Amina is all that and knows it! She doesn’t take any mess from anyone and when she’s not running her business you’ll catch her playing momma to her three unruly younger sisters. She’s not looking for love and doesn’t want it either until she meets Jaquan.

We Gon’ Ride: Cobain & Keri


Cobain is the man in his city and he’s had his fair share of women. He’s been in an on and off again relationship with his daughters mother Shyne for the last couple of years. When a near death experience lands him in the presence of Keri the relationship with Shyne takes a backseat. Will Keri be all the motivation he needs to finally leave Shyne alone for good or will Shyne fight to the death for the man she loves?

Addicted to the Hustle: A Carolina Love Thing


Logan Mills hasn’t always had it easy, and is just simply trying to get through life. With an absentee mother and alcoholic father Logan has the weight of the world on her shoulders. All Logan can really count on are her crazy ass friends Margo, April and her secret crush Ameer Sanchez to keep her sane.