Lovin’ The Thug In Me : Ashasd and Brooklyn


Ashad Lowe better known as “Shoota” is the most feared but respected man in the streets. Moving to Chicago from Texas was the best move he could’ve ever made, but the only thing that could make his life even better is if his children and first love move with him. When him and his brother runs into two beautiful women, his life changes in a good way.

Plan B & Hennessy


Life in the hood is simply what you make it. Some people work their way to the top, while others will sit around and wait on a handout. Tiffany would fit the latter description…
While beautiful on the outside with a banging natural body, her soul is tarnished. Not to mention the fact that she slick has a drinking problem…
Click saw all of this from the gate! The nice shape standing out the most, but he was not unaware of her issues. Being a decent guy from the streets, he tries to see past the ratchet side of Tiffany so that he can expose her to not only a better way of thinking, but put her in position to change her situation.

Never Had A Love So Dope 3


Zaire had never had a love so dope, but once he found Maliyah he was instantly attracted to her and all he can do is pray that she is okay after taking a bullet to the back from his dad’s right-hand man.
Camille overreacted when she saw Tim packing up his car with two car seats in the back. All she could think was that she had to get her daughter away from that monster! In doing so it looked as if she just ruined the chance of ever getting her baby back.

An Unlawful Love Story 2: Arin and Ryleigh


As Nic’s life hangs in the balance, Jeremy works overtime to try and find out who put him there. When all roads lead to their estranged mother, Jeremy realizes he has to face his past head on in order to get revenge for his brother and tackle the demons keeping him from giving his all to Alyxandra.

Forever My Gangsta 3


Blue finally has shown his face and is ready to avenge his cousin’s death and from the looks of things he was able to succeed in taking one if not two of the brother’s down.

Kecie has finally put her guard and was ready to let Kyle in but then another shooting happens, will this one push her away from him for good.

For The Love Of A Miami King


Lauryn Taylor is a prelaw student preparing to enter her final semester of college and then on to Law school. Over the last year she has persevered through experiencing both a tragic loss and pain. Protecting her feelings is one of her biggest priorities. After opening herself up to love and experiencing heartbreak Lauryn erected her protective wall and has no intention of allowing another man into her heart. Between school and her tight knit circle of friends life for Lauryn is going perfect, just as she carefully planned. It takes only a run in with a disarmingly handsome and charismatic man to rock her world off its axis.

Luvin’ His Hustle: A Thug Stole My Heart


“We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just the way we play the hand.” For Perrin Baptiste, this was more than just a saying. From the age of ten, she had been living a life that she wished so badly would change. From the early death of her father, to the disappearing act of her mother, Perrin’s spirit and heart are completely broken. When tragedy strikes again, she is left with nobody to hold on to but her best friend, and her best friend’s brother, Savien.