Loving My West Coast Wild Boy


Trevor “Terror” Blackston is your typical next in line king pin, having all the woman he wants at his disposal he was living the dream that any man would want. He didn’t have a worry in this world if it wasn’t taking care of his daughter and running his business with any iron fist. What happens when he changes how he does things one time because a woman caught his eye?

When Daddy Is The Plug 2


And the plot thickens!

Frank was in no way prepared for what came out at the last meeting and neither was Julian. All was fine when it was Juliana’s innocence on the line, but now that it’s Adrienne who Platel wants to marry, things are different.

A Hood Love Like No Other


Laurence Marks was determined to be more than the life that was forced on her after her father was gunned down in front of her on her fourteenth birthday. With a mother that sought solace in a liquor bottle, Lala had to not only take care of herself but her mother to. When things get tough and the walls begin to close around her there is one person that she knows that she can turn to, her best friend Heart.

Your Love Is Breaking The Law: Epic and Harley


How much abuse can one person take before they have had enough? That’s a question that Harley contemplates every day dealing with her boyfriend Jay. Knowing she will either end up dead or in jail, Harley makes the decision to take her life back and returns to her childhood home where she reunites with her parents, brother and her two best friends. Ready for a fresh start at life and leaving her past in the past, Harley in back in Philadelphia for good and not thinking about relationships until her childhood crush, known as Epic becomes an adult lust. Will her feelings for Epic develop into something more? Will Jay allow Harley to move on her with her life?

Going Hard For The Love Of A Trapstar


Identical twins Thiyao & Thielle Johnson have finally made it! After years of selling dope they are finally able to give up the fast life without seeing a day in jail or ending up in the cemetery.
The night before their big celebration or “retirement party” as some call it, they go out to celebrate amongst themselves when they run into best friends Tommi and Rue. They are almost immediately smitten by the ladies, due to the fact of them not being the regular sack chasers that they’re used to coming across and they like it.

I Wont Play A Fool For You


Ever heard the saying hurt people hurt people, well that stands true for Christian and Ivy in this spin off of “Messiah and Reign: Love In The Dirty”. When Ivy’s big secret is brought to light, it turns Christian’s world upside down. With his pride in the way and his ego at an all-time high, he did the one thing that he promised he would never do, he sought retribution in the arms of another woman. Christian quickly realizes that he is making a huge mistake and immediately tries to end things. Only problem is that Keri isn’t willing to let go that easily, and she is hell bent on making his life miserable. His very brief affair made him realize that Ivy is the only woman for him, but will it be too late fix his family?