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This Industry Ain’t Meant For Hood Love

This Industry is about music, not about love. Yes, the artist may sing about it but do they really want love when they can rather have money, power and love?

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" In South Michigan born and raised, in the house writing is where Heiress spent most of her days. Being creative by writing and drawing was so cool. That was all she did outside of school. When she decided that chasing her dreams would be good. She got accepted to Alabama state university and was the first to go to college in her family and her neighborhood. She partied like a rock star so she was discouraged and scared. Luckily she never gave up, she had hope which was a breath of fresh air. She got married and had a beautiful baby and when the time was near. She started back writing and saw an author when she looked in the mirror. Her creativity, aspirations and writing style was so rare. She couldn’t run away from her calling even if she was dared. At twenty three years old, pursuing your dreams is never too late. She yelled to her doubters and haters, “Bye bye see you later.” She looked at they sky and smiled at God; she was finally there. To sit on her throne as Author Heiress. "

This Industry is about music, not about love. Yes, the artist may sing about it but do they really want love when they can rather have money, power and love?

Peso is the rudest most disrespectful trap artist you will ever encounter. Rapping about his drugs, money and women who he could careless for, is his specialty. That four-letter word meant nothing to him. It was just an excuse to distracted to him when he was all about his music. That was until one drunken and high night changed his life forever. For the better or worse? We have yet to find out.

Ginger is your everyday girl next day with a bright smile and an even brighter personality. All she dreamed about was getting out he Hood and finding out what she wanted to do with her life career wise. She wasn’t into boys and she never was the in your face type. After one encounter with Peso, she will soon find out why he will soon be her root to why she hates men. Or is that hate often mistake for love?

PlayBoi is exactly what his stage name is. A playboy. He hops from women to women every night not looking for any strings to be attached. As a sexy R&B singer with talent, money who God has blessed down below, he is every woman’s dream. He’s a gentleman who’s gentle and nice but his player ways overshadow his positive attributes. When his career is on the rocks due to his ongoing playboy image, he is forced to make a change. A change that may make him happy or lead him down a path of heartbreak for the first time.

Raven is the sexy singer with a feisty attitude that everyone seems to be attracted to. She’s new in the music business but she adjusts to the life very well. Out the gate she was named the new Rihanna without the accent. She had a secret that she kept due to her instant fame but soon it will get out. As she makes a deal with her label of a gimmick that will get her more fans, she sacrifices her relationship in the process. Will it be the start of something new or will her celebrity status soon come to an end?

Four individuals battle with money, fame, love and drugs. The four most common downfalls in this music industry. Can they withstand the false blogs, thirsty thots, crazy fans and the rise of their career?

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