Is This How Love Feels 2: Raevynn & Sam’s Story


With Raevynn being pregnant, what will she decide to do with the fact that Sam is the father. Marcie gets a little ahead of herself by confronting Solomon’s girlfriend who calls her out on her being Sam’s wife, will her secret finally be found out? DeWayne wants a relationship with Jessicah but she is pushing him away because of the agreement they made just to be friends with benefits or is it something deeper.
Will Sam and Rae get it together or will Marcie spoil all of that?
What will happen with Jess and D?
What is Solomon’s big plan and will it work out for him in the long run?
Find out what happens in this final installment of Is This How Love Feels.

Caught Up With A Street Legend



Being the products of a Cobaine-Diamond union, Nashir Jr.and Chancellor Jr. were destined to be crazy. All grown up and ready to leave the nest, CJ and NJ are off to North Carolina to go to college.
Forever her mother’s daughter, CJ has never and will never allow a man to play to her. After two bad experiences within weeks of each other, CJ is not worried about finding a new man but she may have met her match with Kato Garza.
Kato Garza was the man before prison and six years later nothing has changed. Staking claim to his empire and making sure his brothers are straight are Kato’s only focus until Chancellor Jr. strolls into her life.

When A Boss Holds Your Heart Hostage


Kamalei, Bria, and Ariel have been best friends since they were ten. They’re friendship has been tested but their bond proved to be stronger than ever. What happens when one of their lives is placed in danger by someone who’s supposed to love her no matter what? What happens when these three fall for three bosses who vow to do whatever to protect them? Will their friendship still prove to be stronger than anything that could come against them? Or will the pressure of things crumbling around them shatter everything?