Everything Her Heart Needed 3


When Paige’s big secret is revealed, she is left to pick up the pieces of her life, wondering if the love she thought she found will be snatched from her. Not knowing how Ross is going to take the news, she fights to keep her relationship in tact but fears that he won’t be able to handle the drama that her life contains.

When A Hood Legend Claims It All 4


Growth is a necessary pain and these three couples are set to find that out the hard way.

When Ameena is kidnapped it not only opens her eyes but Wesley’s too. He finally accepts his feelings for Amena and is willing to do whatever it takes to prove his love. Amena promises herself if she makes it out of the deadly situation alive that she will put herself first.

Trap 4 Lyfe 2: Down To Ride For A Pittsburgh Menace


Love can blind you to the obvious staring you right in the face. Angela will learn that the hard way in this fast-paced finale. She is shot and left for dead by those who set up Diego, now seek to end her. Angela will turn to family and a familiar old flame for loyalty and strength in the street game. She feels betrayed when Diego is not sympathetic to her tragedy and he rebuffs her at every turn. Angela seeks to take back the power stripped from her and does not care who is in the way.

Crushing On A Carolina Baller 2


After the revelation that the man she’s loved for years and her closest friend have betrayed her, Shay is shaken to her core. Unable to face the revelation that she could have contracted HIV she goes into hiding pushing everyone away, much to Asada’s dismay. Not one to be told what he can’t have, Asada fights to be a part of her life only to be met with resistance with each try. Frustrated with Shay he focuses on the ex-girlfriend refusing to live a life without him and the father holding a life changing secret. Will this latest shot to Asada’s heart be enough to break his heart forever?

When A Boss Wants You 2


Sometimes you find love I’m the most unexpected way. At least that is the case for this crew.

After finding out that her Prince Charming is nothing more than a lying married man Royce finds herself back at step one. Torn between what she feels and the truth she struggles to make sense of the bomb Nadia dropped on her.

His Love Got Me On Lock 2


Safaree dropped a huge bomb on Dynasty in part one and now she is trying to pick up the pieces and decide how she’s going to handle the news.
Dymitri wants to take over the streets and get his girl back but with no changes to his ways, and his attitude getting worse. Will that happen? Or will he be his own demise?

The Connect Stole My Heart: CJ & Princess’s Story


Remarkably, intelligent and beautiful college graduate Princess dreaded coming home after she received her degree. Yes she missed her family and friends but she was holding onto to some secrets. Secrets that could ruin her relationship with her love ones. When she returns home, one of those secrets invites himself back into her heart. As if he never left. Now she has to balance her chosen career path, her family and her lover.